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            A Dream in the Making!

Retractable Delineator System™
Patent Number # 5,498,100
Robert M. Guernsey & Associates
Conceptualist in Design & Engineering

Photographs were taken in 1992-1995

An idea and dream in progress. 
Testing cylinders, between lanes.

It is possible to place pneumatic cylinders between the lanes of traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Visio, helped  generate the plans 
to construct the model...

After a long battle building the model, by George Watson.. you've did it.. Its work's!

Bob, testing the pneumatic 
sequence of lane dividers. 

The completed patented stage with, lights, paint.

© copyright- 1989-2000. " Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge."™ 
RMG: Patent # 5,498,100 for the Golden Gate Bridge: "Retractable Delineator System" (RDS)

 "Return Home Safe"